Health and Safety
When using a sharp knife for cutting you should use a cutting board.

Health and Safety

D and T is taught to students in KS2, and the most important part of the subject is health and safety. Before they are exposed to potentially harmful tools and equipment, children must learn how to go about using them safely. This quiz covers that topic, and also has a section on hygiene.

Health and safety is all about using equipment in a safe manner. When designing and making, it is important to do so safely. In Design and Technology some of the equipment - knives, saws and even needles - can be dangerous if not used correctly.

In the interests of your own health and safety, whether you are cooking, cutting or using electronics, make sure that you do it safely.

  1. What should work surfaces be cleaned with before preparing food?
    Antibacterial cleaners can kill most germs
  2. When using a sewing machine you must keep your fingers away from what?
    The needle could cause a lot of damage!
  3. Why must you be careful with a glue gun?
    Glue guns can get very hot
  4. When using a sharp knife for cutting what should you use?
    Cutting boards protect work surfaces from the sharp blade
  5. What type of battery can get hot when short-circuited?
    As with all electricity, you must be careful when working with batteries
  6. When designing and making an electrical product what type of power is safest?
    Batteries don't carry as much electricity as the mains supply
  7. When passing a pair of scissors to someone how do you hold them?
    Never pass anyone the sharp end of scissors or anything else that is sharp!
  8. What must you never do with a sharp object?
    If you fall you could stab yourself
  9. Before handling food you should always do what?
    You have to clean any germs or dirt from your hands before touching food
  10. When taking hot food from an oven what should you use?
    These are specially made so that you will not burn yourself

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