Moving Parts
A clock uses gears.

Moving Parts

In KS2 D and T children are taught about the moving parts in machines. This is a broad topic covering pneumatic, linkage, cam and pulley systems, as well as more simple moving parts - for example, a slider in a children's book

Moving parts are those parts in a machine that are not fixed, and they can seem to make products come alive. There are different systems which make parts move - diggers can use pneumatic or hydraulic systems, a pulley is used to lift heavy weights, and cams can change a circular motion into an up and down one. Machines comprise both moving and fixed parts. There are many moving parts in a car which enable us to drive it.

Test yourself on pneumatic, linkage, cam and pulley systems. Can you get all 10 questions right?

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  1. Which of these is NOT a method of moving parts in books?
    Motors are used in more complicated designs
  2. Which of these items does NOT use air to work?
    Scissors use a lever system
  3. What is the part called that goes through the cam?
    The axle is attached to a handle which makes the axle and cam turn
  4. What joins the levers together in a linkage system?
    Pivots can move or keep still
  5. Which everyday item makes a good pulley?
    Most pulleys use ropes
  6. Which parts are used in a pneumatic system?
    Air passes between the syringe and the balloon through the tube
  7. What affects the type of movement of a cam follower in a cam system?
    Parts of the cam that stick out more make the cam followers move further
  8. Which list describes the parts of a linkage system?
    A lever generates more force the further away from the pivot its end is
  9. What does a pneumatic system use to make it move?
    Pneumatic means powered by air. Hydraulic means powered by liquid
  10. Which item does NOT use gears?
    Ovens generate heat rather than movement

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