Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain.


In KS2 children will be taught geography. One of the subjects they will look at is the island of Great Britain - where in the world it is and the countries, cities, counties and culture which make Britain up. This quiz will test children's knowledge of the place where they live.

Britain, or Great Britain, is the largest island in the British Isles. It is comprised of three countries - England, Scotland and Wales. These countries are divided into counties. The smallest counties in Great Britain are Rutland and the island, the Isle of Wight. There are only two towns in Rutland - Oakham and Uppingham. The Isle of Wight has nine, despite it being smaller. The largest of the counties is North Yorkshire. There are many cities here too. London is one of the biggest cities in Europe, but Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow are pretty large too.

Test what you know about the place you live by playing this quiz.

  1. Which has the largest population?
    England is the largest country in the UK, both in area and in population
  2. What is the climate in Britain?
    A temperate climate is one with cool summers and mild winters with rain year round
  3. What is the currency used in Britain?
    Many other countries in Europe use the Euro
  4. Which is the highest mountain in Britain?
    Ben Nevis is in Scotland
  5. By population, which is the largest city in Scotland?
    Despite being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh's population is not as large as Glasgow's
  6. Which continent is Britain part of?
    Britain lies to the Northwest of mainland Europe
  7. Britain is part of the United Kingdom together with ....... ?
    The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast
  8. Which is the longest river in Britain?
    The Severn begins in Wales then flows through England
  9. Which city is the capital of England?
    Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and Cardiff is the capital of Wales
  10. Which of these islands is not off the coast of Britain?
    Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

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