Changes to the Environment 1
When we have very little rain causing a water shortage it is called a drought.

Changes to the Environment 1

One of the topics covered in KS2 Geography is the physical or chemical disturbances which cause change to the environment. This is an important subject for children to understand and so this is the first of two quizzes concentrating on it.

Physical and chemical disturbances can change the environment drastically. These changes to the world in which we live can be because of natural causes or because of human activity. Environments change all the time, whether its your back garden or the planet as a whole.

How aware are you of the physical and chemical disturbances to the environment? Play this quiz and test yourself.

  1. What is the name of the place where rocks are extracted from the ground?
    Quarries are where we get stone for building with
  2. What are the negative impacts caused by quarrying?
    We have to balance the benefits of quarrying with the harm it may cause
  3. Which of these is a good consequence of quarrying?
    Quarries provide jobs for people as well as providing us with stone
  4. When harmful substances are put into rivers this causes what?
    Pollution contaminates or dirties the water
  5. What can be the consequences of polluting rivers?
    If the water becomes poisonous then fish, frogs and other creatures that use the water will die
  6. Land can also be polluted with harmful substances. What would be the consequences of this?
    The land is useless for many years
  7. Which of these consequences can occur on landfill sites?
    The methane gas is a greenhouse gas so contributes towards global warming
  8. When we have very little rain causing a water shortage what is this called?
    Drought dries up rivers and streams which are the habitats of many plants and animals
  9. What positive effects can occur when lots of tourists start to visit an area?
    More money spent in an area is good for creating more local jobs
  10. What negative effects can occur when lots of tourists start to visit an area?
    The peace and quiet that attracted the tourists in the first place might be lost when more of them arrive!

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