An arid climate is very warm and dry.


Climate is one part of geography studied in KS2. Children will look at the different climates, for example arid, polar, temperate or tropical. They will discover where the different climates are found and the weather conditions that are associated with each.

Climate is the different weather conditions of an area over a long period of time. Weather itself is the conditions occurring at present (such as 'it's raining' or 'it's very windy'), whereas climate is what the weather is like over time. In 'wet' climates you would expect rain regularly throughout the year and in dry ones you would expect very little rain.

Play this quiz and test your knowledge of the world's climates.

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  1. Which is the coldest climate?
    Polar regions are covered in ice and snow all year round
  2. Which climate would you find above the treeline on mountains?
    The higher you are the colder it gets
  3. Where would you find most tropical climates?
    The Equator receives more direct sunlight than anywhere else on Earth
  4. Which of these statements is true?
    The weather is the atmospheric conditions on a particular day and it changes - for example, snow one day and hot sunshine another
  5. Which of these factors determine the climate of an area?
    Higher places are colder, as are places closer to the North or South Poles
  6. Which climate can reach 40o Celsius during the day and 0o Celsius at night?
    Arid places are also called deserts
  7. Which two climates are dry?
    Polar is very cold and dry whilst arid is very hot and dry
  8. Which climate receives the most rainfall?
    Tropical rain forests are so called because they receive a lot of rain
  9. Which is the warmest climate?
    Tropical places are a long way from the North and South Poles
  10. What type of trees will you usually find in temperate regions?
    Deciduous trees are ones that lose their leaves in the autumn

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