Europe is the world's second-smallest continent.


One of the topics looked at in KS2 geography is the continent of Europe. This includes not only the countries that can be found in Europe but also some of the features, such as mountains and rivers.

Europe is the continent of which the UK is a part. It is the world's second-smallest continent. The continent has a rich and varied history which isn't surprising when it houses 50 countries! Ancient Greece, in Europe, is the birthplace of Western culture. Both World Wars were largely focused in Europe. The continent also has some world famous features like the Alps or the Scottish lochs.

Find out about some of the features and countries of the continent you live in by playing this quiz.

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  1. Which of these countries is NOT in Europe?
    Iraq is in Asia
  2. Which sea separates Britain from Denmark?
    The North Sea lies off the East Coast of Britain
  3. Which city has the largest population in Europe?
    Moscow is the second largest and London is the third. If the population of the suburbs is included then Moscow is the largest, followed by Istanbul, then Paris. London comes fourth
  4. Which is the highest mountain in Europe?
    Elbrus is in Russia
  5. Which country borders Portugal?
    Spain also has a border with France
  6. Which is the smallest country in Europe?
    The Vatican is in Rome and is where the Pope lives
  7. Which is the longest river in Europe?
    The Volga is in Russia
  8. In which country is Vienna?
    Vienna is the capital of Austria
  9. Which country does NOT border Italy?
    Belgium has borders with France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany
  10. Which is the largest country in Europe?
    Only part of Russia is in Europe; the rest is in Asia, however the part in Europe is still bigger than any other country in Europe

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