Map Skills 1
A map of the world printed on a ball is called a globe.

Map Skills 1

Map reading is one of the fundamental skills of geography. In KS2 children are taught about using a map and a compass for navigation. This is the first of two quizzes on maps and how to use them.

Map skills involve reading maps, using a compass and general navigation knowledge. Maps are used to help us find our way around. They are representations of real roads, buildings, rivers etc. which can be used to plan a route, to guide us when we are lost or to explore an area without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Reading maps is an essential, and a rewarding, skill.

How good are you at using a map and a compass? Test you navigation skills in this quiz.

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  1. Which compass point is at the bottom of a map?
    Just as the South Pole is seen as the bottom of a globe, south is seen as the bottom of a map
  2. What is a book of maps called?
    The very first atlas had a picture of the Greek Titan Atlas, holding up the world, on its cover
  3. Which compass point is at the top of a map?
    Just as the North Pole is seen as the top of a globe, north is seen as the top of a map
  4. What do we use to find the direction we are facing?
    A compass needle always points towards the North Pole
  5. What is the name of the numbers used in grid references?
    The first coordinate gives the grid reference at the bottom while the second one goes up the side
  6. Which compass point is to the right of North and South?
    The sun always rises in the East
  7. What is the name given to the world map printed on a ball?
    The world is also referred to as the globe
  8. What is a map key?
    Each map has a key and it tells you, for example, what a motorway, a river or a church look like on the map
  9. Which compass point is between North and West?
    The points of the compass can be remembered like this: Never Eat Soggy Worms - that's North, East, South and West starting at the top and going round clockwise
  10. Who makes maps?
    The English word 'cartography' comes from the Ancient Greek words for 'map' and 'writing'

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