A chain of mountains is called a range.


One aspect of geography that is studied in KS2 is mountains. Children will learn about some of the highest mountains in the word and also mountain ranges, but the main focus of their study is the climates and the environments that are found on mountains.

Mountains are large steep hills found all over the world, but even ones in hot countries have cold climates at their highest altitudes. The tops of the highest mountains are dangerous environments for a human. The temperature is bitterly cold and there is very little oxygen in the air. The adjective 'montane' is used to describe mountainous areas and things associated with them. Did you know that the highest known mountain in the Solar System is on the planet Mars? It is over twice the height of Mount Everest!

Test yourself on the climates and environments found on mountains by playing this quiz. Can you reach the lofty heights of ten correct answers?

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  1. At which height does a hill become a mountain?
    There are 120 mountains in the British Isles
  2. What is a chain of mountains called?
    The longest mountain range is the Andes in South America
  3. What is the timberline?
    The climate is too harsh for trees above the timberline
  4. Which side of a mountain can be a desert?
    This is because the mountains block rain so that one side is wet while the other is dry
  5. What happens to the climate as you get higher up a mountain?
    Because it is colder higher up the water in the air condenses
  6. What type of climate is at the foot of a mountain?
    If a mountain is found in a tropical climate then the foot of the mountain will be tropical. While a mountain found in a cold climate will be cold at the foot
  7. Where are most mountains found?
    Lots of tiny islands are the tips of underwater mountains
  8. What type of tree grows just below the timberline?
    Coniferous trees are better able to withstand the cold climate higher up the mountainside
  9. What is the name of permanently frozen rivers?
    Glaciers covered much of Britain during the Ice Age
  10. Which is the highest mountain in the world?
    Mount Everest can be found in the Himalayas mountain range

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