Places 1
A tropical climate is best for growing bananas.

Places 1

In KS2 geography children will look at different places around the world, comparing their different characteristics such as population size or climate. This is quite a large topic and so this is the first of two quizzes on the subject.

Places are locations in the world. The study of places in geography means looking at the use of land, the climate, population, economic activity and physical and human features of a place. With the increased understanding this gives us, we can then compare and contrast the places we live with other places in the world.

How are things like population size and types of industry different in different countries? Take this quiz and find out.

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  1. What type of industry are you more likely to find on the coast?
    Tourism and shipping are also major industries on the coast
  2. What does population mean?
    One place may have fewer cars or shops than another place but more people living in it, therefore a higher population
  3. What type of crops are you likely to find in a temperate climate?
    Sugar, pineapples and coffee all prefer tropical climates
  4. Which of these jobs is a primary economic activity?
    Primary economic activity is 'take it'
  5. How can you find out the location of a place?
    Maps show us where in the world places are
  6. What is the main industry in the UK countryside?
    Almost two thirds of Britain is farmland
  7. Another way of saying secondary economic activity is?
    Primary - Take it
    Secondary - Make it
    Tertiary - Sell it
  8. What kind of economic activity is a supermarket assistant undertaking?
    Tertiary is when someone is selling it
  9. Which climate is best for growing bananas?
    Bananas would not grow very well at all in a polar climate!
  10. Which of these affects the crops that are grown in a place?
    Different crops prefer different climates or soil types

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