The wide part of the river near the sea is called an estuary.


Rivers are one of the topics covered in KS2 geography. Children will look at the different features of rivers, for example deltas, banks or the source.

Rivers are natural streams of water. They are formed by the movement of water from high ground to lower ground and then usually to the sea. The place where a river begins is called its source. Rivers are constantly changing as they flow over lands and have many different features. They can change shape as they erode the ground at their banks. When rivers eventually meet the sea they may form 'D' shaped masses of channels called deltas.. Small rivers are also called streams, creeks and brooks.

See how much you know about the different features of rivers. Do you know the difference between banks and deltas? What is a source or an estuary? Find out in this quiz.

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  1. When a river carries rocks and soils it is known as what?
    Transportation is part of the process that changes the shape of the river over time
  2. What is deposition?
    When a river slows down near its end the materials it has been carrying are often deposited
  3. What name is given to the bottom of the river?
    The river bed is made up of rocks, mud, sand or pebbles
  4. What are the sides of the river called?
    River banks can be eroded by the water in the river over time
  5. What is erosion?
    Erosion can occur both on the banks and bed of the river
  6. Where a river deposits sediment faster than the sea can remove it what feature forms?
    Deltas are named after the Greek letter delta, which is the shape of a triangle
  7. Where is the source of a river?
    Rivers often have their sources in mountains or hills
  8. In which part of the river does water flow the fastest?
    The upper course is on steeper ground so it flows fater
  9. What are smaller rivers flowing into another river called?
    A tributary is a stream or river that flows into another river rather than into the sea
  10. The wide part of the river near the sea is called what?
    The Humber and the Thames are both famous estuaries in Britain. The picture is a view of the Humber Estuary taken from the International Space Station

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