Settlements 1
A wood with a river running through it would be a good place for early settlers as it provides both building materials and water.

Settlements 1

In KS2 geography one topic looked at is settlements - cities, towns, villages and hamlets. This is quite an expansive subject so this is the first of two quizzes devoted to it. This first quiz looks in particular at the early development of settlements and the needs of the early settlers.

Settlements are the places people live such as villages and towns. A settlement can range in size from a small number of dwellings grouped together to the largest of cities with surrounding urbanised areas. But what about their development? How did they come to be? Why did the early settlers choose to live there? Why are towns and villages where they are and how did they get their names?

See how much you know about the early development of the places we live. Can you answer all ten questions correctly?

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  1. Which was NOT a need of early settlers?
    A supermarket is easier than growing your own food but there were no supermarkets around in the times of early settlers
  2. What is a settlement?
    Settlements are so called because they are places where people have settled
  3. Which is NOT a suitable place to find drinking water?
    Sea water contains too much salt to drink
  4. Why did settlements need to link together?
    Trade was essential. If one village had access to iron, for example, they might trade with another village which had access to sheep
  5. If you were an early settler, which site would you choose that would give a good defence from enemies?
    From the top of a hill you can see anyone approaching from all sides
  6. Which would make good farming land?
    Trees would get in the way of crops and hills are difficult to plough
  7. If you were an early settler, which site would you choose to access good building materials?
    Early homes were made of wood and the best source of wood is a forest
  8. Which of these building materials would not be available to early settlers?
    Bricks were a later invention
  9. Which of these place name endings means ‘river crossing’?
    Oxford, Stafford and Watford are three examples
  10. What is one way to know when a settlement was first settled?
    In England, places with Roman names are probably older than places with Anglo-Saxon names

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