Thunder usually follows lightning.


The weather is one of the topics examined in KS2 geography. Children will look at the different types of weather, its causes and how it affects us. They will also take a look at certain phenomena such as rainbows and tornados.

Weather is seasonal atmospheric conditions such as rain, wind, snow, fog etc. and it affects our daily lives. Weather can usually be predicted by the four seasons we experience. The cold of winter causes frost and snow, for example. In April there tends to be more rain, hence the term 'April showers'. In autumn, there is more wind, which helps to blow the leaves off the trees.

This quiz is all about weather - what causes it and how it affects us. How well will you do? Let's find out.

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  1. Which is not a tropical storm?
    Tornados are thin columns of rotating air and they are not necessarily tropical
  2. Which colour cloud is carrying the most water?
    The darker the cloud the more water in it
  3. Which is not a type of cloud?
    There is also a cloud called cirrus
  4. Which is not a precipitation?
    Precipitation is water (frozen or not) that falls from clouds
  5. When do we see a rainbow?
    A rainbow is caused by sunlight shining on raindrops
  6. What usually follows lightning?
    Thunder is the sound of lightning but we see it before we hear it because the speed of light is faster
  7. Which season is it most likely to snow in Britain?
    Snow is occasionally seen in spring or autumn but is very rare indeed in summer
  8. What is the study of weather called?
    Weather forecasters are called meteorologists
  9. Which of these is NOT affected by the weather?
    Come rain or shine it is important to brush your teeth
  10. What is needed to create a blizzard?
    Blizzards can be very dangerous. It's best to stay indoors in such conditions

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