Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life
Ancient Egyptians chewed mint leaves to relieve stomach upsets.

Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life

Ancient Egypt is one of the civilisations looked at in KS2 history. Not only the pharaohs and pyramids but also the everyday life of ordinary folk living at the time.

Ordinary living and everyday life in Ancient Egypt was about the family. In Ancient Egypt, children were the heart of the family. If a couple could not have a child, they adopted a child. The River Nile was an important part of the life of an Ancient Egyptian, allowing crops to be grown. Without it the land would be a desert. The Ancient Egyptian civilisation existed for three thousand years and traces of it can still be seen today.

What was everyday life like for the ordinary people living in Ancient Egypt? What clothes did they wear and what did they eat and drink? Play this quiz and find out!

  1. What did the Egyptians use to make paper?
    The earliest known papyrus is 4,500 years old and was found in Egypt in 2013
  2. What did Egyptians chew to relieve stomach upset?
    Egyptians knew a lot about medicine and used plants to relieve all sorts of ailments
  3. Why did the Egyptians want the Nile to flood?
    The River Nile would flood each year and when the waters went down they left silt behind which fertilised the land
  4. What did Egyptians mostly drink?
    Beer was part of the diet of Egyptians more than 5,000 years ago. It was also used in religious practices
  5. How did Egyptian men often have their hair?
    They sometimes had a long plait on one side of their head or wore a wig
  6. What were Egyptian houses built of?
    Mud left behind by the yearly Nile floods was made into bricks which were used for building. Bricks were made by mixing the mud with straw and then drying them in the sun
  7. What was used to cook rich Egyptians' food?
    The oven was similar to a tandoor oven, used in India to make flatbread. Dough was stuck to the inside of the oven and peeled off when it was cooked
  8. What was a crotala?
    It was similar to castanets
  9. What did Egyptians usually wear on their feet?
    Sandals dating to 2000 BC were held to the foot by thongs between the big toe and the second toe, similar to modern day flip-flops
  10. What type of fabric was made from flax?
    When the tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses II was discovered in 1881 the linen inside was perfectly preserved after more than 3000 years!

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