Ancient Greece - Everyday Life
The Ancient Greeks used olive oil for cooking and for lamps.

Ancient Greece - Everyday Life

Ancient Greece is one of the civilisations looked at in KS2 history. Not only the wars and myths, but also the everyday life of ordinary folk living at the time.

What was everyday life like for the ordinary people living in Ancient Greece? The classical period in Greece began 2,500 years ago with the first democracy in Athens, but it was not as advanced as you might think. Life was very different for men and women. Men made the important decisions, fought in the army, played sports and met in public. Boys went to school while girls stayed at home. Slavery was also common and the majority of Athenian citizens owned at least one slave

This quiz is all about what everyday life was like for the ordinary people living in Ancient Greece. Have a go and see how much you know about them.

  1. What were Ancient Greek houses made of?
    The houses were made from bricks made from mud dried in the sun. Mud houses were fragile and had to rebuild every few years
  2. What did Greek women use to make their faces pale?
    Lead is poisonous so they were doing more harm than good
  3. What did Greeks write with at school?
    Styluses were used to write on wax which could then be reused by melting and cooling
  4. Which of the following could become a citizen?
    Athens was the first democracy but only adult males who were not slaves were allowed to vote. This meant that about 5 in every six people had no vote
  5. What type of oil did Greeks use for cooking and lamps?
    Olives grew well in Greece's climate
  6. What was the tunic worn by Greek women called?
    There were two types of chiton - the Doric, which had no sleeves, and the Ionic which was pinned, sewn, or buttoned all the way from the neck to the wrists
  7. What was the name of the Greek ships?
    Triremes had three rows of oars, hence their name which translates into English as Three-Rower
  8. Which Greeks went to school?
    Boys went to school from the age of 7, girls were educated at home
  9. What was the name of the temple to Athena in Athens?
    The Parthenon was built on a hill known as the Acropolis
  10. What did Greeks build to honour their Gods?
    The Ancient Greeks worshipped different gods to Christians, Jews and Muslims

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