Anglo Saxon Invaders
The history of the Anglo Saxons was written by the Venerable Bede, a monk living in 8th Century Jarrow.

Anglo Saxon Invaders

A major theme in KS2 history is the Anglo Saxon culture. This is the first of four quizzes on the subject focussing in particular on the Germanic invaders of Britain in the early Middle tribes - Angle, Saxon and Jute.

The Anglo Saxon and Jute invaders were Germanic peoples who raided Britain after the Romans had left. Eventually they settled and farmed the land. They were comprised of three Germanic tribes - the Angles from Angeln (in modern Germany), the Saxons from Lower Saxony in Germany, and the Jutes, possibly from the Jutland peninsula (in modern Denmark). These tribes formed new kingdoms in Britain such as East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Sussex, Essex and other minor kingdoms. These were all merged together in the 10th Century and became the new nation of England.

Take this quiz to find out what you know about the Anglo Saxon and Jute Invaders of Britain.

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  1. Which of these peoples invaded Britain during the 400s?
    Picts and Scots colonised what is now Scotland and Jutes, Angles and Saxons colonised what is now England
  2. Who settled in the South of England?
    The Saxons settled in the South - Essex, Sussex, Wessex and Middlesex are all named after them
  3. What was the land invaded by the Anglo Saxons named?
    All of the kingdoms of the Anglo Saxons were united by King Æthelstan in 927
  4. Where did the first Saxon invaders come from?
    The ancestors of the English originated in modern day Germany and Denmark
  5. Who was the British leader that hired other Saxons to help defend their land?
    At first they helped him but later attacked him and took his land
  6. Where did the Anglo Saxons never invade?
    The Anglo Saxons only conquered what was to become England
  7. Who was said to have won a great battle against the Anglo Saxons around 500 CE?
    No one knows if the stories about King Arthur are true
  8. Who wrote down the stories about the Anglo Saxon invaders?
    Bede was a monk in the 8th Century
  9. Where did the Angles settle?
    The Angles founded kingdoms in the Midlands (Mercia), East Anglia and the North of England (Northumbria)
  10. What did the Romans do to prevent the Saxon raids?
    These were abandoned in 410 when the Romans left Britain

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