Anglo Saxons - Everyday Life
The letters that the Anglo Saxons used were called runes.

Anglo Saxons - Everyday Life

Anglo Saxon culture is a significant part of KS2 history and this is the second of four quizzes on the subject. Specifically it looks at what everyday life was like for ordinary Anglo Saxons living at the time.

What was ordinary living and everyday life like for the Anglo Saxons? Generally preferring not to settle within the old Roman cities, the Anglo Saxons built small towns near their centres of agriculture. In each town a main hall belonging to the leader or lord was in the centre, provided with a central hearth. This was the focal point of life for everyone living in the town or village. Anglo-Saxon lords were expected to entertain their followers with feasts.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about ordinary, everyday life for an Anglo Saxon.

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  1. Which of these was NOT eaten by Anglo Saxons?
    The Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century
  2. What were Anglo Saxon drinking cups made of?
    Leather was treated with fish or vegetable oils to make it waterproof. This was much cheaper than glass or iron and plastic was not invented until the 20th Century!
  3. What animal did Anglo Saxons use to pull a plough?
    Oxen were stronger than horses
  4. What was made from barley?
    Beer was a popular drink amongst Anglo Saxons
  5. How did Anglo Saxons fasten their clothes?
    Brooches were like badges with pins on the back. These pins held cloaks together at the neck
  6. What did Anglo Saxons weave into cloth?
    Britain had plenty of sheep so there was a good supply of wool
  7. What was the name of the parties held by the lord of the settlement?
    Anglo Saxons liked to get together in the lord's great hall. Here they ate, drank, and to listened to songs and stories
  8. What did the Anglo Saxons cook in?
    Vegetable stews were a common food for most Anglo Saxons
  9. What was an Anglo Saxon house built of?
    It took the wood from 18 trees to build an Anglo Saxon house
  10. What was the name of the letters that Anglo Saxons used to write with?
    The Anglo Saxons also thought the runes had magical powers

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