Anglo Saxons - Religion
Anglo-Saxon monks wrote on parchment made from animal skins.

Anglo Saxons - Religion

One important part of KS2 history is Anglo Saxon culture and this is the third of four quizzes on the subject. Specifically it looks at the Anglo Saxon pagan religion and their conversion to Christianity.

Prior to the conversion to Christianity, Anglo Saxon religion was the pagan beliefs shared by the Germanic tribes. Their belief system was closely related to the Old Norse religion. They shared many gods, although they often went by different names. The Norse Odin was called Woden in England and the Norse Tyr was called Tiw. It was around the 7th and 8th centuries that the Anglo Saxons conversion to Christianity took place. After this churches and monasteries sprung up across the country.

Take this quiz to discover what you know about Anglo Saxon religion, both before and after their conversion to Christianity.

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  1. Which day of the week is named after Woden?
    Thursday is named after Thor, the god of thunder and Tuesday is named after Tiw, the god of war
  2. What religion were the early Anglo Saxons?
    Christianity was not adopted by the Anglo Saxons until the 7th Century
  3. Which Anglo Saxon goddess gave Easter its name?
    Eostre was the goddess of springtime
  4. What did Anglo Saxons believe would protect them?
    Lucky charms were rhymes, potions, stones or jewels
  5. Who was the goddess of love?
    Friday is named after Frigg
  6. Where did monks and nuns live?
    Monks and nuns were men and women who dedicated their lives to their religion and lived together away from the rest of society
  7. What did monks write on?
    Parchment was made from animal skins
  8. What was the name of the monk sent to persuade the Anglo Saxon king to become Christian in 597?
    Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury
  9. Who sent missionaries to Britain to convert the Anglo Saxons to Christianity?
    Britain had been Christian before the Anglo Saxons arrived. The Pope wanted it to return to the faith
  10. Who was king of the Anglo Saxon gods?
    Woden was the English name for the god who the Vikings called Odin

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