Assyrian Empire
This is a model of the city of Babylon which was destroyed and then rebuilt by the Assyrians.

Assyrian Empire

One subject looked at in KS2 history is the Assyrian Empire which existed in northern Mesopotamia between the 7th Century and the 11th Century BC.

The Assyrian Empire was centred in northern Mesopotamia which is modern-day northern Iraq. The Assyrians were great warriors and conquered other lands to build an Empire. They captured and destroyed the mighty city of Babylon and they even conquered Egypt. At its largest the Assyrian Empire stretched way beyond its centre in Mesopotamia - as far east as the Persian Gulf, south into Africa, north into Turkey and west to the island of Cyprus. Usually, works of precious gems and metals do not survive over such long periods of time, however some beautiful pieces of Assyrian jewellery were found in royal tombs at Nimrud.

Take this quiz to find out what you know about the Assyrian Empire.

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  1. Where did the Assyrians live?
    Mesopotamia was in the modern country of Iraq
  2. When was the Assyrian Empire around?
    The Assyrian Empire lasted until the fall of Nineveh in 612 BC
  3. Which city did the Assyrians flatten then rebuild?
    In 689 BC Babylon was destroyed by King Sennacherib of Assyria. His son and successor Esarhaddon rebuilt the city
  4. Who was the god the Assyrians thought they had upset after conquering Babylon?
    They rebuilt Babylon to please Marduck even though no one lived there
  5. Where did Sennacherib build his palace?
    The palace was huge and could fit 20 football pitches inside!
  6. What did kings in the East and West of Mesopotamia have to do to keep the Assyrian kings from conquering them?
    The Assyrians were undefeated in battle so many kings feared them
  7. What was found in the Library of Nineveh?
    The Assyrians wrote on stone tablets as paper had not yet been invented
  8. What did many stone reliefs depict?
    The Assyrians liked to record their victories in stone reliefs
  9. What did the Assyrians share with the Sumerians?
    Ashur was the main god of both the Assyrians and the Sumerians
  10. Who eventually conquered the Assyrian Empire?
    The Persians had a large Empire in the Middle-East which lasted until the time of the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great

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