Aztecs 2
Aztecs decorated their headdresses with feathers.

Aztecs 2

In KS2 history children will look at the culture of the Aztec Empire found in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. This is the second of two quizzes on the subject and it looks specifically at Aztec religion and culture.

The Aztec Empire emerged around the 13th century and it was dominant in Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century. Aztec culture had a rich mythology connected to its religion which demanded human sacrifice. This may sound barbaric but the Aztecs were quite civilised. They had a complex calendar, well developed religious traditions and amazing buildings and pyramids. They also traded in some foods which have become popular, not just in Mexico, but throughout the world, such as maize and, perhaps more importantly, chocolate!

Take our second Aztec quiz and find out how much you know about the religion and culture of the Aztec Empire.

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  1. What did Aztecs decorate headdresses with?
    Only the most important Aztecs - like the nobility or great warriors - were allowed to wear a headdress
  2. What did the Aztecs do with the cocoa bean?
    Cocoa was very important to the Aztecs. Cocoa beans were given out at children's coming of age ceremonies and during wedding ceremonies the couple drank a cup of chocolate and exchanged cocoa beans!
  3. How many months were in an Aztec year?
    There were 365 days in one year divided into 18 months of 20 days. The spare five days were thought to be unlucky
  4. What is a comal?
    The comal was placed on top of three rocks in which a fire was lit
  5. How many uniquely named days were in the religious calendar?
    Each of the 20 Trecenas was made up of 13 days
  6. Where did the Aztec Gods and Goddesses live?
    Tlalocan was the Aztec paradise where it was always Springtime. It always had plenty of edible plants growing so there was never a lack of things to eat
  7. What was the name of the bread eaten by Aztecs?
    This was flat like a pancake and made from maize
  8. Who was the Aztec rain god?
    Tlaloc was the god of the rains, but he was also by a god of fertility and of water. He was worshiped as the giver of life, but he was also feared because he could send hail, thunder and lightning
  9. Who did the Aztecs sacrifice to the gods?
    The Aztecs raided enemy towns to capture victims alive for human sacrifice. Slaves could also be used for human sacrifice, but only if they were lazy!
  10. Aztecs had two calendars. One marked time but what did the other fix?
    This religious calendar was called the Tonalpohualli and it had 20 periods, or Trecenas, each devoted to a particular god

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