This is a model of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan.


In KS2 history one of the topics explored is the culture of the Aztec Empire found in Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest. This is the first of two quizzes on the subject and it focusses in particular on the Spanish conquest, but also looks at everyday life in the Aztec Empire.

The Aztecs were American Indians who settled by Lake Texcoco in Mexico. Lake Texcoco was swampy and not the best place to settle, but the Aztecs adapted to the land and made it suitable for growing crops. Their capital city flourished and at its height was one of the largest cities in the world - much larger than most cities in Europe at the time. Over many years of expansion, they had built themselves an empire, only to lose it all in the Spanish conquest of Mexico during the 1500s.

See how much you know about what life was like in the Aztec Empire and how it eventually fell to the Spanish by playing this quiz.

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  1. Where did the Aztecs live?
    Mexico is named after the Mexica, an Aztec tribe
  2. What was the capital city of the Aztec Empire?
    Tenochtitlan is now Mexico City
  3. Where was Tenochtitlan built?
    The city was connected to the mainland by causeways and bridges. The bridges could be removed to defend the city from attackers
  4. When did the Spanish conquer Tenochtitlan?
    Tenochtitlan had a population of around 200,000 - that's five times larger than London was at the time
  5. What was the name of the Spanish leader?
    Cortes conquered the Aztecs and claimed the land for Spain
  6. What was the name of the last Aztec Emperor?
    Moctezuma was killed by the Spaniards
  7. What was an Aztec peasant home built of?
    Reeds were plentiful around the edges of the lakes in Mexico
  8. How did the Aztecs move around Tenochtitlan?
    The city had canals instead of roads, a bit like Venice in Italy
  9. Who did NOT go to school in Tenochtitlan?
    There were different schools for different people. Boys and girls did not go to the same school and neither did the rich and the poor
  10. What was the name of the farmer's planting plots in the lake?
    They were built by putting a fence around the plot then filling it up with mud from the lake bed

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