Inventions since 1930
Lego was invented in Denmark.

Inventions since 1930

One of the topics looked at in KS2 history is how the past has shaped the world of today. One aspect of this children will study is popular inventions made since the 1930s.

There are many inventions made in the past that have shaped the world of today. Most of these are very old, such as farming, the wheel or sewers, but some of them are quite new. There are lots of inventions we use today that were unknown before the 1930s. Some things that we take for granted have only been around for a short while - mobile 'phones and the World Wide Web for example. Once we get used to an invention, such as the television, the washing machine or the car, it's very hard to imagine life without it!.

Take this test and discover what you know about some of the inventions made since the 1930s that have shaped the world of today.

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  1. Which year was the World Wide Web launched?
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee is an English computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web
  2. What did John Logie Baird invent?
    John Logie Baird was a Scotsman and he was voted number 44 in the BBC's list of the 100 Greatest Britons
  3. Cat's eyes were invented in 1933. Where would you find a Cat’s eye?
    Percy Shaw from Yorkshire invented the cat's eye in 1933 and now they are used all over the world
  4. How many televisions were there in the world in 1936?
    In 1996 there were 1 billion TVs in the world
  5. Who manufactured the first CDs in 1980?
    CD stands for Compact Disc
  6. Three companies raced to launch the first personal computer in which year?
    The companies were Tandy, Commodore and Apple
  7. In which year did research into mobile 'phones begin?
    The research took a long time. The first mobile 'phone network was in Japan in 1979
  8. In which decade was the first microwave oven available?
    This was far too large for home use. The first one that was small enough for homes was introduced in 1967
  9. In which country was Lego invented?
    Lego means play well in Danish
  10. Who invented frozen food?
    Birdseye's first job was stuffing animals!

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