Pyramids and Mummies
Internal organs were originally placed in canopic jars.

Pyramids and Mummies

Ancient Egypt is one of the civilisations looked at in KS2 history. The most noteworthy aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture are the pyramids and the mummies - tombs and departed pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt is most famous for its pyramids and mummies. Pyramids have been built by civilisations in many parts of the world, though none can quite compare with those of Ancient Egypt. For thousands of years, the largest structures on Earth were pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still remaining. The pyramids were tombs for the pharaohs - the rulers of the kingdom. The bodies of the pharaohs were preserved for thousands of years and can still be seen today as mummies.

How much do you know about the pyramids of Ancient Egypt? Find out by playing this quiz.

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  1. What was placed between the layers of bandages?
    Amulets were thought to protect the body in the afterlife
  2. What is a mummy wrapped in?
    Linen is a type of cloth made from the fibres of the flax plant
  3. What are the mummies' coffins placed inside?
    The mummy was put in two coffins before the Sarcophagus
  4. What is the first process of mummification?
    The Ancient Egyptians were experts at preserving dead bodies
  5. What was originally placed in canopic jars?
    Later the Egyptians began to return the organs to the body once they had been dried
  6. What was built around the pyramids to help build them?
    Archaeological evidence for the use of ramps has been found at several pyramids. They made it easier to raise the heavy stones
  7. What were the Egyptian pyramids used for?
    The Egyptian pharaohs began building pyramids to house their earthly remains around 2700 BC
  8. What was usually placed on the top of the pyramid?
    The pyramids were originally covered in polished stone which made them very shiny
  9. Where are the three largest pyramids still in Egypt?
    The largest pyramid was The Great Pyramid built for pharaoh Khufu
  10. What was placed in the mummy's hands?
    The Book of the Dead was a book of spells to help entry to the afterlife

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