Roman Army
Swords like the one above were Roman weapons.

Roman Army

A major theme of KS2 history is the Roman Empire. This is the first of four quizzes on the subject focussing in particular on the organisation and units of the Roman army, such as legions and cohorts.

The army of the Roman Empire was made up of legions, cohorts and centuries, manned by legionaries and centurions. The Roman Army was well trained and very efficient at invading other lands. It was an important tool in conquering tribes and creating the Roman Empire. Just like in the modern army, Roman soldiers spent only a small part of their lives at war. Most of their time was spent on routine military duties such as training, patrolling and maintenance of equipment.

Can you tell the difference between legions and cohorts? Do you know how many legionaries were in a century? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the army of the Roman Empire.

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  1. What was a Roman soldier called?
    Legionaries were grouped together in legions
  2. How many soldiers were in a legion?
    The legions were the Roman army's elite heavy infantry
  3. What was the leader of a legion called?
    There were around 30 legions in the Roman Army
  4. How many cohorts were in a legion?
    The commanding officer of the first cohort was the leader of the legion
  5. What did a centurion lead?
    There were six centuries in a cohort
  6. How many legionaries were in a century?
    A century had 100 men but only 80 were legionaries
  7. Which of these was not a Roman weapon?
    Cannons were not used in Europe until the 11th or 12th century
  8. What was a Roman legionary’s armour made of?
    The armour was surprisingly effective
  9. How many years was a legionary required to serve in the army?
    Legionaries were Roman citizens under the age of 45 who signed up for 25 years in the army
  10. What did a legionary receive when they retired?
    Instead of a pension some soldiers were given a gift of farmland

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