Romans - Everyday Life
Romans often used mosaics to decorate their floors.

Romans - Everyday Life

The culture of Ancient Rome is a significant part of KS2 history and this is the second of four quizzes on the subject. Specifically it looks at what everyday life was like for ordinary Romans living at the time.

Everyday life for the ordinary Romans living in Ancient Rome was quite advanced for the time. They enjoyed many luxuries that were lost for a thousand years after the fall of Roman Empire. In Roman towns, public baths were popular. They were a place for relaxing and meeting friends or for merchants to do business. All men and women would try to go to the public baths at least once a day. There were also aqueducts which ensured Romans had a clean water supply, sewers which disposed of human waste cleanly, central heating systems which warmed the inside of people's houses and paved roads which allowed easy travel between towns.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of everyday life for the ordinary people in Ancient Rome.

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  1. What language did the Romans use?
    Latin is still in use today as the language of science and law
  2. How were Roman towns laid out?
    Roman towns were planned carefully
  3. What were the largest Roman houses called?
    Villas were large country houses often with huge areas of farmland
  4. What did the Romans write with at school?
    For important documents they used ink and animal skin
  5. What was a toga?
    The toga was the equivalent of a modern smart suit
  6. What was a hypocaust?
    Only rich Romans could afford to heat their house with a hypocaust
  7. What did the aqueduct do?
    The Romans were great engineers and they built lots of aqueducts to supply their towns with water
  8. What did the Romans often use to decorate floors?
    Roman mosaics showed scenes of myth or history as well as everyday Roman life
  9. What did most Romans wear on their feet?
    Some rich Romans would employ a slave to carry their sandals for them!
  10. What was the name of the centre of a Roman town where news was given out?
    Meetings and a market were also held at the forum

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