KS2 ICT Quiz
Internet Safety
If someone you don't know asks to be your friend on a social networking site, you should block them.

Internet Safety

In KS2 ICT children will take a look at internet safety and online security. This topic is arguably the most important part of ICT and it teaches children how to go about keeping themselves safe when on the internet.

Internet safety is all about online security. In the 'cyber' world, unlike the 'real' world, you frequently communicate with people whom you cannot see - on social media websites, in forums and even in some emails. Keeping yourself safe from bullies and your computer safe from viruses when using the World Wide Web is very important. This makes internet safety a necessary skill we all should learn.

See how much you have learned in school about online security and keeping safe when you are on the internet by trying this ICT quiz.

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  1. When could you use a webcam?
    Webcams are a wonderful way to see and talk to people who are far away, but remember that they can be used to take and store photos - only use webcams to speak to people you really know and trust
  2. Who should you tell if something or someone on the internet upsets you?
    If something on the Internet upsets you, tell a trusted adult immediately
  3. Which of these is NOT an example of online chatting?
    Reading an online news website is a one-way exchange, not a two-way conversation
  4. Which of these will help keep you safe when using a chat room or an internet forum?
    Don't give out personal details such as your full name, address or photo. Instead of a photo, you could also use a picture of a favourite singer, actor or football star - or your favourite animal
  5. You should only open e-mails from who?
    Don't open e-mails from people you do not know and trust - they can contain viruses and other nasty surprises
  6. How can you protect your computer from viruses?
    You have to be very careful on the internet. Some people like to spread viruses to your computer which might break it - or worse
  7. What is media-sharing?
    You should only download music or videos from trusted websites - downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal
  8. Which of these will help you keep your passwords safe?
    Change your passwords regularly, and never share them - even with friends
  9. If someone you don't know asks to be your friend on a social networking site, what should you do?
    You should always block people you don't know - and tell an adult, too
  10. What is cyber bullying?
    Always tell someone if anyone uses any form of technology to make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset

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