KS2 ICT Quiz
A pie chart could be used in a spreadsheet to display data.


Spreadsheets - the accounting programs - are one of the most useful tools to be found on a computer and children in KS2 will become very familiar with them in ICT.

Spreadsheets are interactive computer accounting programs that are very versatile. They make storing, organising and analysing data much easier than it once was. Spreadsheets are tables which you can tailor to any size you need and they can display any data you put into them in the form of numbers, text or even graphics. They are used by businesses and other organisations for many purposes, including accounting and record keeping. They are also used by people at home to work out their budgets, and by people at school to display the results of their science experiments as a graph. They are one of the most useful of all the different computer programs.

See how much you have learned about spreadsheets in ICT lessons by trying this quiz.

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  1. What is an electronic spreadsheet?
    Electronic spreadsheets can store, organise and display large quantities of data. They can also perform calculations
  2. A spreadsheet is divided into what?
    Columns go vertically and rows horizontally. Where columns and rows meet is a box called a cell. These are the places information is entered
  3. Which symbol would you use in a formula for division (dividing a number)?
    An example of an instruction to divide would look like this: =SUM(B6/B7)
  4. Which symbol would you use in a formula for multiplication (to multiply two or more numbers)?
    An example of an instruction to multiply would look like this: =SUM(B6*B7)
  5. You are creating a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of a party. You want to know how much you will spend on pizzas. Why is it better to use a formula rather than working out the calculations yourself?
    A formula will instantly recalculate if you have to change any of the numbers which it uses. In this example, that could be the price of pizza, the number of people coming to the party, or even how many pieces of pizza each person will have
  6. On a spreadsheet, all cells are named. In the cell named B10, the 'B' refers to which of these?
    The letters show in which column a cell is located, and the numbers show in which row the cell is located - this makes it very easy to find any named cell
  7. Which of these is the correct formula for an addition?
    This formula would also work for an addition: =SUM(B6,B7)
  8. Which of these could a spreadsheet NOT be used for?
    You could use a word processor program to do your English writing homework
  9. What does it mean to 'format' a cell?
    By right clicking on a cell and choosing 'format cells' from the menu, you can decide what type of information can be entered into that cell, whether currency (amounts of money), dates, text, numbers without decimals, numbers with two decimal places, etc. You can also format cells for font, colour and borders
  10. Which of these could be used in a spreadsheet to display your data?
    To make a chart select the cells you want to use then click on the 'Chart' icon in the 'Insert' menu

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