Caffeine is a drug found in coffee.


Drugs are medicines or addictive substances. Addictive substances are harmful and we should keep away from them. Medicines, however, can help us recover from illness but only if taken correctly. A doctor is qualified to prescribe drugs as medicine and must always be informed before taking a new medicine.

Some people are allergic to medicines (such as penicillin) and it's important to let health professionals know. There are drugs for almost every ailment ~ from a cold to hay fever to aches and pains ~ even to help you sleep at night.

This quiz tests your knowledge of drugs and medicines.

  1. What is another name for drugs that can make us recover from illness?
    Medicines should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor or when an adult says it is ok
  2. Where should medicines be kept?
    A bathroom cabinet is a common place to keep medicine
  3. Where do medicines come from?
    Some larger supermarkets have their own pharmacy
  4. What effect does nicotine from cigarettes have on the body?
    Nicotine is very addictive
  5. Which is not a consequence of smoking?
    Smoking is very harmful to your health
  6. At what age are you allowed to buy alcohol?
    You may be asked to prove your age
  7. What is a safe amount of alcohol for a man to drink in one day?
    One unit is roughly a third of a pint of beer
  8. What is an alcoholic?
    There are many types of alcoholic drinks
  9. Caffeine is a drug found in which everyday drink?
    Caffeine can also be found in tea and some fizzy drinks
  10. Which of these drugs is illegal?
    You can purchase the others in most shops

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