KS2 PE Quiz
Game Tactics 1
In basketball, you move with the ball by bouncing it.

Game Tactics 1

Game tactics involves strategic moves. When playing invasion games such as football, netball, hockey and basketball, you can use certain tactics to outsmart your opponents. Using tactics could mean the difference between winning and losing so they are handy to learn.

Next time you watch a game, look out for tactics. For example, a football player might appear to be almost dancing close to an opponent ~ and you may think they are messing about ~ but they are confusing the other player in order to get the ball past them. It's clever and not easy to do.

This quiz is about some of the tactics you use in invasion games. See if you can get ten out of ten. Good luck!

  1. When you are trying to score a goal you are ....... ?
    Attackers are sometimes called forwards
  2. When playing football what is the word used to describe running while keeping the ball close by your feet?
    When you next watch a match, look out for this technique
  3. When you are side-marking an opponent in netball where should you look?
    You need to see where your opponent is and where they are moving to
  4. When playing football which part of your body must not touch the ball?
    Unless you are the goalkeeper!
  5. When playing netball which foot is not allowed to move when you have the ball?
    There are seven players in a netball team
  6. How do you move with the ball in basketball?
    A basketball team consists of five players
  7. What is the name given to the action of trying to take the ball from your opponent during a football or hockey game?
    Fielding is a term used in cricket
  8. When you are trying to get away from a marker you are ....... ?
    A good way to dodge is to move the top of your body in one direction then run in the other direction to trick the marker
  9. When you are trying to stop your opponents from scoring you are ....... ?
    The main defender is the goalkeeper
  10. For any invasion game when you have the ball you should look out for ....... ?
    You need to be aware of where others are in the game so that you can pass the ball to a team mate and not let an opponent get the ball

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