KS2 PE Quiz
Health and Safety
When moving large gymnastic equipment, such as a pommel horse, you must ask a friend to help.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is about protecting against risks. When taking part in physical exercises and activities it is important that you do so safely. PE tends to involve speed and equipment, and can be dangerous if certain guidelines are not followed.

Even if you are doing PE indoors, it's still important to know the guidelines and follow the rules. There is dangerous equipment indoors too, such as wall ladders, ropes and balancing bars/frames. And before you even start any exercise, it's important to get your body ready.

Do you know why it is not a good idea to wear clogs or jewellery when exercising? This quiz will help you remember all that you have learnt in lessons.

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  1. What must we do before starting any exercise?
    This doesn't mean putting on a jumper!
  2. If you do not warm up correctly what might happen?
    Cold muscles are more likely to be injured
  3. After exercising you must ....... ?
    Stretching exercises are used to cool down
  4. Cooling down helps your muscles to ....... ?
    Our bodies need looking after
  5. What happens to your heart rate when you exercise?
    If it stopped, you'd be dead
  6. What else happens to your body when exercising?
    Have you noticed this when you exercise?
  7. What type of footwear is best for PE?
    Trainers are non-slip and comfortable
  8. Which type of clothing is best for PE?
    Loose or stretchy clothes help you to move easily
  9. Before attempting to exercise or play games, what must you check for?
    The space needs to be clear for you to move around
  10. When moving large gymnastic equipment what must you do?
    Equipment is much easier to move with more than one person

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