KS2 PE Quiz
A safe place to dive is from the diving board.


Swimming is the movement through water using the arms and legs. Swimming is not only fun but is a very important skill and could save yours or someone else's life one day. There are many types of swimming styles such as backstroke, front crawl and even the butterfly stroke.

If you really enjoy swimming, you might want to swim the English Channel when you are older. The first person to successfully swim the Channel was Captain Matthew Webb in 1875, despite being stung by jellyfish. It took him over 21 hours. The fastest crossing took place in 2012 by an Australian, Trent Grimsey, who took only 6 hours and 55 minutes. Perhaps in a few years, your name will be added to the records!

This quiz tests your knowledge of swimming and keeping safe around water.

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  1. What do the numbers around the pool tell you?
    The deep end is the deepest part of the pool
  2. Which of the following is NOT a swimming stroke?
    Which is your favourite swimming stroke?
  3. Which of these is the safest place to swim?
    There are lifeguards present and no hidden dangers or currents
  4. When you go swimming it is best not to go alone. Why?
    If you are alone there would be no one to raise the alarm if you got into difficulties
  5. When sculling, what equipment should you be using?
    Sculling will improve your swimming skills
  6. What must you never do around the edge of the pool?
    You could slip as the edge of the pool is wet
  7. Which is a safe place to dive?
    Diving boards can be very high!
  8. How should you enter the pool safely?
    You might think it's fun to jump in, but you could land on another swimmer and hurt them
  9. If you can’t swim which part of the pool should you stay in?
    The shallow end is the safest
  10. What is the best method of getting out of the pool?
    That's what they are there for!

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