KS2 RE Quiz
Hinduism 02
At Diwali, lamps are lit and doors are left open to invite Lakshmi into the house.

Hinduism 02

Hinduism is the main religion of India. It has over 900 million followers worldwide. Hindu worship seeks to engage all five senses and is known for its colourful and joyous rituals.

In the 20th century, Hinduism began to gain popularity in the West. Hindus' tolerance for diversity in belief make it an attractive alternative to traditional Western religions. Hinduism has influenced the West introducing us to such things as yoga and chakras.

See how much you have learned in your KS2 religious education lessons by trying this quiz all about Hinduism.

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  1. Which of these is a way of meditating and finding God?
    Yoga is often thought of as merely physical exercise, but its origin in Hinduism is as a form of meditation
  2. Which festival takes place once every 12 years, with millions of people making the pilgrimage to bathe at Allahabad?
    Allahabad is where two of the most sacred rivers, the Ganges and the Jumna, converge
  3. What does the festival Holi celebrate?
    Holi is a spring festival in which people celebrate the mischievous nature of Krishna by throwing paint and coloured water over each other. More seriously, it is a time to remember the story of Prahlad and how good overcomes evil - this is symbolised with the lighting of bonfires
  4. Which river is considered to purify, or wash away, the sins of someone who bathes in it?
    All water is sacred in Hinduism, especially the Ganges
  5. Whose wife, Sita, was kidnapped by Ravana?
    Rama and Sita's story is told in the Ramayana, the epic which describes Rama's life, including his great battle with Ravana
  6. Which of these does NOT play an important role in Diwali celebrations?
    Fasting (going without food) may be observed in the weeks or days before Diwali
  7. At Diwali, lamps are lit and doors are left open to invite which goddess into the house?
    Lakshmi is the goddess of fertility and prosperity
  8. How many days does Diwali last?
    Diwali is a festival of lights
  9. Which of these festivals celebrates the first day of spring?
    It is celebrated on the fifth day of Magha
  10. What is the Hindu name for worship, whether it takes place at home or in a temple?
    In the home, puja is an important part of everyday life

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