KS2 RE Quiz
Islam 02
Muslim prayer beads are called Tasbih. A Tasbih has 99 beads.

Islam 02

Islam is a belief in Allah which means God in Arabic. Because people are not portrayed in its religious art, Islamic artists traditionally focused on beautiful flowing script (calligraphy), complex geometric patterns and architecture. How much do you know about the religion which created such art?

If you are a Muslim and want to test your knowledge of Islam, or simply want to find out more about the religion, we have 20 quizzes in our Specialist section that you can play free of charge. There you will find out about the five pillars, the prophets, etiquette and democracy.

First, try this KS2 religious education quiz to see how much you already know.

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  1. Which city welcomed Muhammad after he was forced to leave Mecca?
    Medina is also the city where Muhammad was buried and is often visited by Hajj pilgrims for this reason
  2. Muslim prayer beads are called Tasbih. How many beads does a Tasbih have?
    The tasbih is a set of prayer beads used by many Muslims. It has 99 beads for the 99 names of God
  3. What do some prayer mats include order to know the direction of Mecca?
    Prayer mats come in many different colours and designs
  4. What is the first thing a newborn Muslim baby will have whispered in his or her ear?
    This is the adhan
  5. In which language was the Qur'an originally written?
    Although the Qur'an has been translated into many languages, it is primarily read in Arabic - Arabic is also the language in which it is memorised
  6. Which of these is NOT true of prayer in Islam?
    A Muslim may pray in any suitable, clean place, and will kneel on a special prayer mat when praying somewhere besides a mosque
  7. What name do Muslims use for God?
    'Allah' is often used when Muslims are praying
  8. Which of these would you NOT find at a mosque?
    Muslims do not believe in using pictures or statues in worship
  9. What is the name of the celebration that brings Ramadan to a close?
    Muslims fast during Ramadan
  10. In Islam, who is considered to be the first prophet?
    There are many prophets in Islam, with Adam being the first and Muhammad being the final prophet - a prophet receives messages from God in order to communicate them to the people

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