KS2 RE Quiz
An important Sikh belief is that all people are equal.


Sikhism is a religion founded in Punjab. Punjab is a province of Pakistan. The religion is over 500 years old. This may sound ancient, but is actually very young for a religion! It is a monotheistic religion which means its followers believe in only one god.

According to Sikhism, God created the universe, he can destroy it, and he also keeps it running. He has always existed and always will. Sikhs worship him and meditate by repetition. They believe everything is a part of God and God is a part of everything. Some Sikhs wear turbans, but not all do.

See how much you know about the Sikh faith by trying this KS2 religious education quiz.

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  1. Who is the founder of Sikhism?
    Sikhism was founded around the beginning of the 16th century by Guru Nanak
  2. What name is given to all Sikh boys?
    Singh means 'Lion' and is a reminder of courage
  3. Where do Sikhs gather to worship?
    It is customary for Sikhs to take off their shoes before entering a Gurdwara
  4. The five articles of the Sikh faith are known as the Five Ks. Which one of the following is not one of the Five Ks?
    The Five Ks are: Kesh (spirituality symbolised by not cutting hair), Kanga (the comb symbolising cleanliness), Kara (the bracelet symbolising good deeds), Kirpan (a small sword to symbolise protection of others) and Kaccha (a soldier's short which represent discipline). Unlike the followers of many other religions, Sikhs do not fast
  5. Which book is seen by Sikhs as a living Guru?
    Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh scripture and is unusual among sacred books for containing the writings of people who taught other faiths
  6. Which one of these is an important Sikh belief?
    Sikhs believe that everyone is equal and has access to God, that objects and rituals are not necessary to worship and that God can be found through worship, contemplation and love
  7. When Sikhs gather for worship, who leads?
    Sikhs believe no person is above another
  8. What would be found in a Gurdwara?
    Every Gurdwara has a free kitchen
  9. How many gods do Sikhs worship?
    Sikhism is a monotheistic religion - Sikhs believe in one God
  10. Which name given to all Sikh girls means 'Princess'?
    Sometimes it is the middle name, rather than the last name

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