Communicating Ideas 01
Architects use drawings in their work.

Communicating Ideas 01

This KS3 Design and Technology quiz takes a look at communicating ideas. Drawings are a great way of communicating ideas. Having an idea is one thing. Developing the idea and getting it across to others is another. The usual first step in the design process are thumbnail sketches. These small and very rough drawings are produced rapidly and only show the essential ideas of the design. They are very useful for exploring several alternatives before deciding on which is likely to be the best way forward. The other drawings are all developed from these initial sketches, and finally, a prototype can be produced from the working drawing.

Designers will produce presentation drawings to show the final design to their customers. There are many different techniques for producing these and other drawings. In order to communicate a three dimensional idea, an isometric view or a perspective drawing is used.

  1. In the earliest stages of designing, ....... sketches help you to visualize and record ideas for yourself.
    Thumbnail sketches are small rough sketches that show the main outline elements of the design
  2. What kind of drawing would you make to persuade the client your design is worth producing?
    These are also known as models
  3. Which drawing must communicate the exact details of the design?
    Someone should be able to make the design from a working drawing without having to ask any questions!
  4. An ....... view is a way of showing three dimensions on a drawing.
    The three axes of the drawing should be equally inclined
  5. What type of paper is helpful when drawing isometric views?
    Just like the grid of a computer graphics program, grid paper helps you get everything in the right place
  6. Which of these will enhance a design drawing?
    Each of these elements can make the different features easier to understand and visualise
  7. Attaching samples of the materials used to a drawing adds detail. What are these samples known as?
    These can help you to understand what the final design will look and feel like
  8. What sort of drawing gives the impression of length, width and height?
    Architects use them to help their customers to see how a building might look in real life
  9. Perspective drawings include a ....... point.
    There can be more than one vanishing point
  10. Accurate, detailed models that show exactly what the final design will look like are called .......
    The word prototype probably comes from the ancient Greek language - protos means first and typos can mean a mould, impression or pattern

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