Communicating Ideas 02
How much do you know about design and technology?

Communicating Ideas 02

This KS3 Design and Technology quiz takes a second look at communicating ideas. When written material forms an important part of your presentation, it should be laid out clearly and logically to help others understand your proposals. When you start to prepare your presentation, make some rough notes and sketch some different design layouts. A good written presentation would also contain graphics, including charts, images and diagrams, but only if they help to explain or describe your ideas.

A written presentation should also contain white space (blank areas on the page). This makes it easier to follow, a page that is full of small text in many different colours and no white space would be difficult to read. Key points about your design can be presented as short sentences in a list . Facts and figures can be quite boring so livening them up by making them into a graphic is always a good idea.

  1. To make charts more interesting and attractive, which of these would you use?
    Charts that are interesting and attractive will communicate their information more easily
  2. When working with textiles, it is helpful to draw patterns on what kind of paper?
    This is useful and makes things so much easier if the measurements need to be enlarged or reduced for making different sized items of the same design
  3. Which of these is NOT a good idea when preparing a document?
    More than two fonts or colours can make a document look messy
  4. When you have your working drawings, instructions and presentation finished, what do you need to put together?
    This helps to communicate exactly how your design will be realised (made)
  5. What is layout?
    A good layout will help you to communicate your ideas better
  6. What is the best way to show facts and figures in a presentation?
    These can make your presentation more interesting as well as making it easier to see how the facts and figures are related to your ideas
  7. The parts of the page that will be left blank is called .......
    Having a lot of text and graphics without any white space makes it more difficult for the reader to follow your ideas
  8. Which of these is NOT a graphic?
    A web page will usually contain at least one graphic
  9. A pie chart is usually what shape?
    Hence the name 'pie' chart!
  10. Lettering designs on a computer are known as what?
    They are also called typefaces. To make your presentation look good, use only one font. Avoid using handwriting or fancy fonts, it will make your work look like it has been done at primary school

Author: Frank Evans

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