KS3 ICT Quiz
Data Output 01
A printer is a simple output device.

Data Output 01

This KS3 ICT quiz looks at data output. A computer is simply an electronic data handling machine. The final stage of data handling is output. This can be achieved in several different ways, the two most common are on screen and printing. These two devices produce softcopy and hardcopy respectively. Softcopy is the ICT term that describes a document or image that is only available on a screen. Hardcopy is the word used to describe a file that has been printed out.

A 3D printer is an output device that can be used to print objects rather than just printing something on paper. The objects are built up from specailly designed plastics or molten metal. It is possible to 3D print articles that would be difficult and much more expensive to manufacture using conventional means.

There are many more output devices, each has a purpose.

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If the output required is from a sound file, a loudspeaker is the correct output device. If the output is a video, a screen is appropriate unless it has to be shown to an audience. You would need to use a projector. In factories, computers control a large variety of output devices from simple things like lights and alarms to robots and laser cutting machines.

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  1. Which could not be used to view output of a process?
    A graphics tablet is an input device. VDU stands for Visual Display Unit, more commonly called a monitor
  2. A plotter produces 'hardcopy'. This means .......
    A plotter is a special type of printer that is designed to produce large diagrams, for example, architect's drawings or engineering plans
  3. Which is unlikely to be a suitable output device?
    It is an ALARM! It has to attract attention
  4. Which is not an advantage of a 'hardcopy'?
    Hardcopy is a big expense in most companies
  5. Which is an advantage of 'hardcopy'?
    Hardcopy can outlast the computer and printer that was used to make it
  6. What is meant by 'softcopy'?
    Softcopies are normally viewed on a monitor
  7. Which is not an advantage of a 'softcopy'?
    New technology can make old data files un-readable
  8. Which of these is not a simple output device?
    CD-RW drives are both input and output devices
  9. Which is not an output device?
    OMR - Optical Mark Reader. This is an input device
  10. Select a device suitable for speech synthesis output.
    They convert electrical impulses into sound waves

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