KS3 ICT Quiz
Data Storage 01
An ISBN number of a book would be a field in a library book database.

Data Storage 01

This KS3 ICT quiz is about data storage. Data storage is important to computers in many ways. The earliest form of data storage was to use cards with holes punched in them. These could then be fed into a computer when they were needed and the data could be processed. Some of the early computers even required cards to contain the instructions that told them what to do with the data. As computers developed, magnetic tape, like that used for tape recorders, was used to store both data and programs. Accessing data like this was slow and the tape reels had to be moved backwards and forwards over a 'head'. The head read the magnetic tape and was fixed in place.

The next development for data storage was to replace the reels of tape with magnetic disks. These were smaller than the tape reels and the data could be accessed faster as they were read by moving both the disk and the head. Hard disk drives are based on this system and are found in almost all computers. These are being replaced by data storage devices like USB flash drives and solid state drives (SSDs). These are faster and more resistant to damage than hard disk drives.

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  1. Data is held in files which .......
    If it wasn't organised, it would be very slow and difficult to get at the data in the file
  2. A data file is divided into .......
    Each record contains part of the data
  3. A data file record is divided into .......
    This is part of the organisation of data in a file
  4. The fields in a record .......
    The fields of a single record contain related data
  5. Different fields in the same record .......
    The field is only as large as needed - saving memory
  6. A collection of data held together in an organised way .......
    Even paper records can form a database
  7. Which of these is not considered a database?
    Lots of data but no suggestion of organisation here
  8. Databases store data in tables. Each row of a table.......
    A table may store millions of records
  9. Which would not be a field in a library book database?
    The librarian's NI number is not relevant data
  10. A single record in a data file .......
    It would be confusing if each record held data that was not related

Author: Duncan Daish

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