KS3 ICT Quiz
Processes 01
This picture shows the CPU or Central Processing Unit of a computer.

Processes 01

This KS3 ICT quiz asks questions regarding processes. A process is where input is transformed into output. Processing is carried out in the central processing unit (CPU). Some of the processing is carried out by the operating system but the rest is performed by computer programs (note the different spelling to the programmes you watch on a TV). Applications software is a general term for computer programs that enable computer users to carry out specific tasks like word processing or image manipulation.

Computer programs are made up from a number of procedures that tell a computer's CPU what to do with the input it receives. These are linked together and each one is designed to perform a specific job, e.g. sharpen an image, underline text, perform a methematical calculation etc. Companies who sell applications software re-evaluate their products every so often and write new procedures that can make them do new things or old things just a little bit better.

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  1. Computer systems process Input changing it into .......
    Remember ... input-processing-output is what computers are all about
  2. Processing takes place in a computer's .......
    The speed at which the computer works depends partially on the speed at which the CPU can process information
  3. The term CPU stands for .......
    It is sometimes referred to as the chip
  4. ....... is another name for computer programs.
    Computer programs are software
  5. Computer programs are .......
    They need to be written in a form that the computer operating system can understand
  6. Applications software performs jobs .......
    Examples: office, graphics and accountancy software
  7. Computer programs are usually made of .......
    Large programs may contain thousands of procedures
  8. Procedures are building blocks for programs which .......
    Some really complicated software is written by many people over a period of months or even years
  9. Procedures are building blocks for programs which .......
    Test separately, in groups and then in the final program
  10. After a period of time a program may need .......
    Does it still meet its objectives? Can it be made to work better? Could it have some more useful features added?

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