KS3 ICT Quiz
Processes 02
Flow charts are useful diagrams.

Processes 02

Here's our second KS3 ICT quiz on processes. You probably use at least one computer program or application (app) most days. In the world of ICT, procedures, controls and design are all important ideas in building computer programs. They are a sequence of instructions that are written in a language that a computer 'understands' and tells the computer what it should do. A program is a sequence of procedures that run in a certain order, depending on the input received by the computer. The more complicated programs are written using an approach called Top-Down Design. This involves writing the program in small chunks, each one of these is called a procedure.

Producing a computer program is often organised by using a flow chart. A flow chart is perfect for this task because it is exactly what goes on in a computer processor, but written down on paper.

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It provides the computer programmer with a model of how the program should work. This can help them to see if anything is missing. It also shows them how the input will reach the output and the steps needed to perform the processing. Flow charts contain arrows that show which way the data flows. The arrows are joined to different shaped boxes. The shape of each box means something, for example a diamond shaped box indicates a decision is to be made.

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  1. Programs (or procedures) are .......
    Computers usually follow a sequence of instructions
  2. Programs (or procedures) are created in which order?
    The tasks and flow charts help to keep everything to do with the program organised
  3. Flow charts are a way of showing in diagrams .......
    There are many different types of flow chart
  4. A rectangular box in a program flow chart shows .......
    Example: add 1 to counter
  5. A diamond shape in a program flow chart shows .......
    Example: was the code entered valid yes/no
  6. An arrow in a program flow chart shows .......
    Flow charts are logical
  7. A counter value used in a program to trigger an action .......
    Example: If count = 50 then trigger 'FULL' sign to light
  8. You take a ticket entering a car park and the barrier lifts.
    The two occurrences are directly linked
  9. Which of these is not an example of 'Cause and Effect'?
    The sun shining does not cause snow to fall
  10. Solving a problem by breaking it up into smaller tasks .......
    This is a very good way of solving any everyday problem, it's not just useful in ICT

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