KS3 ICT Quiz
Processing Text and Images 01
Many publications have rules about layout called house style.

Processing Text and Images 01

This KS3 ICT quiz looks at processing text and images. Layout is important when processing text and images. All that raw data on the computer needs to be turned into something attractive, such as a glossy magazine. Word processing, desktop publishing and images come into play. At school, you will usually have been allowed to use whatever layout and fonts that you like. This enables you to find out for yourself how software works by trial and error and to see what looks best on paper. Professionally produced magazines and newspapers have a set of rules called the house style. This gives the magazine a consistent appearance.

A magazine is usually produced using desktop publishing software. There are many different brands but they have certain functions in common, depending on the operating system. Many schools, possibly even your own, will use computers and tablets based on the Windows® operating system. On Windows machines, whatever text processing software you use, generally two mouse clicks will highlight a single word and three clicks will highlight a sentence. Other common keyboard shortcuts include ctrl-C to copy and ctrl-V to paste.

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  1. Which is not a feature of a magazine's layout style?
    This usually occurs within the layout of the front cover
  2. Many publications have rules about layout called what?
    Writers and contributors need to follow these very carefully otherwise the editor will return their work and they will have to alter it
  3. House style rules exist .......
    This is called branding and is partly used to appeal to a specific audience e.g. teenagers would find most adult magazine layouts 'boring'!
  4. The most suitable software for writing magazine text is .......
    It is important to use the right software for the task. The magazine layout is usually done by a sub-editor who receives the articles from writers who have used word processing software. The sub-editor copies the text, adds in the images and formats the writers' work using desktop publishing software
  5. Selecting text in a document for editing involves .......
    If you have highlighted text, it is replaced by whatever you type next or you can format it
  6. How can you highlight a single word with a mouse?
    It's a very useful shortcut
  7. How can you highlight a group of words with a mouse?
    Click and drag means that you can highlight sections of text precisely
  8. Which keyboard shortcut will cut a highlighted word?
    If you decide that what you have changed is not as good as what was there before, Ctrl Z will take you back
  9. Which keyboard shortcut will copy a highlighted word?
    This works in most windows programs and saves you opening a menu and clicking on the option to copy
  10. What is a font?
    Using too many different fonts on a page is a disaster - it looks awful and is harder to read

Author: Duncan Daish

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