KS3 ICT Quiz
Processing Text and Images 04
Desktop Publishing (DTP) templates are useful for creating flyers.

Processing Text and Images 04

This KS3 ICT quiz is all about processing text and images. Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) processes text and images. It combines a personal computer and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page layout software to create documents for printing. You could produce leaflets of different sizes, greetings cards, business cards, posters, magazines and even books if you wanted to. It is much better at these tasks than word processing software because you can control the layout very precisely. If you have ever tried to use word processing software for this purpose, you will have found that keeping everything exactly where you want it can be quite tricky.

When using DTP software correctly, the different elements are often created with other programs, saved as separate files and imported. Text is produced with a word processor and images in graphics software. It is possible to use the DTP program to enter text and manipulate images but that is less efficient. The layout is made using frames which can be positioned exactly aligned to a grid. They can be locked in place. The different elements are loaded into the frames and the text formatted as required.

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  1. Text in a DTP is usually created .......
    ICT is always a case of choosing the most appropriate software to carry out the task
  2. Images in a DTP are usually manipulated .......
    Image editing is best handled in specialist software
  3. An advantage of DTP over word processing is .......
    The different elements of a publication stay exactly where they have been placed so when you print the document, it looks how you intended it to be
  4. DTP applications are 'frame based' which means .......
    Word processing software does not have these frames which is why it is so much more difficult to use it to layout a print publication
  5. Frames can be dragged around .......
    This is what makes a DTP program so flexible
  6. Which of these is not usually true of text frames?
    A frame can only be on one page, but frames on different pages can be linked. When you put the text into the first frame, if there is too much, it will automatically flow into the linked frame on a different page. You can link as many frames as you like
  7. Which is not a reason for creating a DTP template?
    No point creating one if it won't be used again!
  8. Templates might be useful for creating what?
    DTP software usually has built-in templates that you can use or you can create your own
  9. Most DTP programs feature 'grids'. Grids are used .......
    You can hide or show the grid
  10. Some DTP programs allow the use of 'styles'. These .......
    All text with that 'style' will have a similar appearance

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