KS3 Maths Quiz
Level 3-4 Numbers - Addition and Subtraction
A cup of tea costs 95p so how much does two cups cost?

Level 3-4 Numbers - Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction are probably the most basic forms of mathematics. You learned how to add and subtract numbers years ago but you still need to practise in KS3 Maths. The only difference is that the numbers you will be adding and subtracting are bigger than before.

As well as dealing with larger numbers, you may also face decimals. When adding or subtracting numbers using a written method, it is important to line up the place values to avoid mistakes with decimals. The place values must line up one on top of the other. If you are adding or subtracting a whole number with a decimal number, be sure to add a decimal point followed by as many 0s as necessary to make the columns line up.

I'm sure you're already a master of addition and subtraction. Just to help you practise the subject, try this quiz. You may find it easy but be sure to read each question carefully. You wouldn't want to make any silly mistakes now would you?

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  1. What is 67 + 138 - 67?
    67 appears twice: once as an addition and once as a subtraction. So they cancel each other out
  2. What number must be added to 70 to make 120?
    You can work this out by subtracting 70 from 120
  3. What is twice the amount of 345?
    345 + 345 = 690
  4. What is 76 - 14?
    To check you've got it right, add 14 to 62
  5. What is 22 - 4 + 83?
    22 - 4 = 18 and 18 + 83 = 101
  6. Paula expects to get 15 Christmas cards. She receives 41. How many more did she get than expected?
    41 - 15 = 26
  7. What number must be subtracted from 1,200 to get 630?
    570 is the difference between 630 and 1,200
  8. What is 34 + 43?
    3 + 4 = 7 so both columns in the sum are the same
  9. Andy's Dad gives Andy 40p to buy a newspaper for him. The paper costs 25p. How much does Andy return to his Dad?
    40 - 25 = 15
  10. Charlie decides to give his little sister 40p out of his £1.00 pocket money. How much does he have left?
    60p + 40p = 100p which is equal to £1.00

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