KS3 Maths Quiz
Level 3-4 Numbers - Multiplication and Division
A chocolate box cost £6.00. If there are 30 chocolates in the box, how much does each chocolate cost?

Level 3-4 Numbers - Multiplication and Division

After addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are the most common parts of maths. If you want to find the product of two numbers then multiply them together. The numbers that we can divide a number by are it's factors. Products and factors are just two parts of multiplication and division - there's so much more! This KS3 Maths quiz will test your multiplication and division skills.

Multiplication and division are often used by people in their everyday life, especially when going shopping! You are buying three videogames. They cost £25 each so how much will you spend? To find the total multiply £25 by 3. If you know the answer then you know just how much you are spending. Dividing numbers quite often produces a 'leftover' number. This is called a remainder. You may have to convert this into a fraction. It is worth revising the multiplication tables until you know the answers by heart. That will help a lot with multiplication and division.

Try this Maths quiz on multiplication and division to get you up to speed.

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  1. Delilah earns £8.40 an hour. If she works 40 hours a week, how much does she earn per week?
    First multiply £8.40 x 4 to get £33.60 then multiply £33.60 x 10
  2. What is 123 x 123?
    Both numbers end with a 3 and 3 x 3 = 9 so you know that the correct answer must end in a 9
  3. What is the remainder of 75 / 4
    18 x 4 = 72. 75 - 72 = 3
  4. Sam buys 4 boxes of chocolates. Each box holds 30 chocolates. How many chocolates are there in total?
    4 x 30 = 120
  5. What is 92 x 65 / 10?
    92 x 65 / 10 is the same as 92 x 6.5
  6. A CD case holds 15 CDs. How many cases are needed to store 100 CDs?
    15 x 6 = 90, but there are 10 CDs leftover - these will be stored in the seventh case.
  7. Sam bought 4 boxes of chocolates at £6.00 each. How much did he spend altogether?
    4 boxes at £6.00 each. 4 x 6 = 24
  8. To get 250, what must 50 be multiplied by?
    The easiest way to work this one out is to divide 250 by 50
  9. What is the remainder of 628 / 9?
    628 / 9 = 69 with a leftover number of 7
  10. A chocolate box cost £6.00. If there are 30 chocolates in the box, how much does each chocolate cost?
    £6.00 = 600p. 600 / 30 = 20

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