KS3 Maths Quiz
Level 5-6 Numbers - Percentages - Parts
Simona buys a dress in the sales at 60% less than the marked price of £38.50. How much does she pay for it?

Level 5-6 Numbers - Percentages - Parts

A percentage is a special type of fraction. When you see a percentage sign (%) you know you are dealing with hundredths. You need to be confident with percentages in KS3 Maths. This quiz should help you get to grips with the parts of whole numbers represented by percentages.

A percentage is a fraction with a denominator of 100. So 44% = 44/100 and 130% = 1 30/100. Percentages are often seen in day-to-day life so when you understand them it makes things much easier!

If you see a sign saying ‘15% off’, you can use your maths skills to work out exactly how much you would spend. The same is true of increases – if you get a 2.5% pay rise, you can work out just how much more money will be in your pay packet next month.

Try your hand at working out percentages with these ten questions. Take your time and choose your answers wisely. Let's see if you can get the full 100%!

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  1. At the market, towards the end of trading, the flower seller reduces her flowers to half price. What percentage has she knocked off?
    Half of 100% = 50%
  2. What is 17% of £100?
    A nice easy one!
  3. What is 5% of 84 kg?
    You can work this out by finding out what 10% is (8.4) and then halving it, as 5 is half of 10!
  4. What is 10% of £480?
    10% is the easiest to work out because it's the same as one tenth
  5. What is 75% of £467?
    75% is the same as 3/4
  6. What is 15% of 3,000 light years?
    3,000 x 0.15 = 450
  7. Jonah is baking cakes and needs 35% of a bag of sugar weighing 240 g. How many grams will Jonah use?
    One way to work this out is to divide 240g by 20 to find 5% then multiply your answer by 3 for 15%
  8. Abigail ran 800 metres on school sports day. Ben only ran 40% of Abigail's distance. How far did Ben run?
    800 x 0.4 = 320
  9. Simona buys a dress in the sales at 60% less than the marked price of £38.50. How much does she pay for it?
    Sounds like a bargain to me!
  10. What is 86% of 200?
    To work this one out just double 86

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