KS3 Maths Quiz
Level 5-6 Shapes - Bearings
What bearing would you be walking on if you were heading east?

Level 5-6 Shapes - Bearings

One of the topics covered when studying shapes in KS3 Maths is bearings. Bearings are angles measured clockwise from the direction of north. We use them for navigation and to help us find our way. Aircraft and ships are both navigated by using bearings and countries would still be waiting to be discovered without them!

Let's imagine a clock face with 12 o'clock representing north and your position being the centre of the dial. 3 o'clock would have a bearing of 090 degrees because it is 90o from north, in a clockwise direction. 9 o'clock would have a bearing of 270 because it is 270o from north in a clockwise direction. 6 o'clock would have a bearing of 180 because it is 180o from north in a clockwise direction. If you ever get stuck with bearings then just remember this clock face.

So, now you can navigate with bearings, let's see if you can find your way to the end of this quiz on the subject. Take your time and read each question carefully. Good luck!.

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  1. 'The direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies' describes what?
    For a bearing of 090 degrees imagine a line running from the centre of a clock face, through 3 o'clock and continuing in that direction. All points on this line have a bearing of 090 degrees to you
  2. One way of describing direction from a point is to use what?
    All bearings have 3 figures. So, an angle of 43o would be written as 043o
  3. Bearings are measured from which line?
    A compass always points north. Bearings are measured from the north line
  4. A complete circle has how many degrees?
    The angle between the north line and the direction taken is the bearing
  5. Bearings are always measured in which direction?
    90 degrees (90o) is east (think 3 on a clock), 180o is south (think 6 on a clock), west is 270o (9 on a clock) and north is 360o (12 on a clock)
  6. What bearing would you be walking on if you were heading east?
    Make all bearings into 3-figure bearings. 90o becomes 090o, 9o becomes 009o
  7. How many degrees would you turn when changing from a northerly heading to a southerly heading?
    North to south is the same as 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock - half a rotation or 180o
  8. You are facing south and want to face west. Which way and by how many degrees would you turn?
    All bearings are measured clockwise which means turning to the right
  9. If a ship is on a bearing of 020o from a lighthouse, what is the bearing of the lighthouse from the ship?
    This is called finding the back bearing of 020o
  10. What is the back bearing of the bearing 245o
    If the bearing is more than 180 then deduct 180 to find the back bearing

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