KS3 Music Quiz
Form and Structure 01
An 'Ostinato' is a motif/phrase persistently repeated by a musical voice. It is commonly described as a 'riff' in rock/jazz.

Form and Structure 01

Form and structure at two very important words in music, and that includes KS3 music too. This quiz will test your knowledge of musical form and structure and some of the related terms.

Binary and ternary are two words related to form and structure of music - but do you know the difference? We'll find out in this quiz.

One of the most famous of all classical composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, said, 'Music - the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.'

We might not be able to comprehend the 'higher world of knowledge' but we can, with study, comprehend the form and structure of music. So, have a go at this quiz. Be sure to read each question carefully before choosing which of the four answers is correct. Take your time and don't forget the helpful comments which come after each question. Good luck!.

  1. Which motif structure best defines rondo form?
    This is due to the returning original theme (or A section)
  2. What music is most likely to feature verse and chorus?
    Also common in musicals and vocal rock tracks
  3. The structure of binary form features .......
    Binary form was popular during the Baroque period (1600 to 1750)
  4. What term prompts a restatement of sounds / sequences?
    Repetition of a musical passage is often indicated by the use of a repeat sign which looks like a colon :
  5. What best describes a 'round'?
    Many nursery rhyme songs are arranged as a round
  6. In music, 'call and response' is a .......
    The second phrase is direct commentary on or a response to the first
  7. Which motif structure best defines ternary form?
    Ternary form is a 3-part ABA structure
  8. What is ternary form?
    Tertiary form is also referred to as 'song form'
  9. Which motif structure best defines binary form?
    Remember, in binary form sections are often repeated
  10. What is an 'Ostinato'?
    Commonly described as a 'riff' in jazz/rock

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