KS3 Music Quiz
Jazz Chords 01
In jazz music, the numeral 'IV' stands for subdominant.

Jazz Chords 01

Do you know your chords? Well, if you are studying KS3 music then you'll have to get to know them. One group of chords you may look at is the one used in jazz and this quiz will help you to learn them.

Both major and minor chords are used in Jazz. Performers will express chords in their own way, for example, a G chord may be played as a G7. In jazz, musicians often add a seventh, a ninth, an eleventh or even a thirteenth to a chord to get that distinctive 'jazz sound'.

"If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together," according to Richard M. Nixon. That's certainly true in jazz music - notes are seemingly added willy-nilly!

See how much you know about jazz chords in the following quiz which focuses on the use of chord numeral/symbols in jazz.

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  1. What does the chord symbol Cmaj7 mean?
    The C7 symbol requires a flattened 7th degree note
  2. What does Dm7 mean?
    Dm7 = D minor 7th
  3. A movement from I - V is a movement from .......
    'I' is tonic and 'V' is dominant
  4. A movement from IV - III is a movement from .......
    'IV' is subdominant and 'III' is mediant
  5. What does the numeral 'I' stand for?
    The tonic is the first note of any scale. If the key is C major, then C is the tonic
  6. What does the numeral 'V' stand for?
    The 5th degree of the diatonic scale
  7. What does the symbol C6 stand for?
    C6 is made up of the notes C, E, G, and the added major sixth A
  8. A movement from I - IV is a movement from .......
    'I' is tonic, 'IV' is subdominant
  9. What primary use do chord symbols serve in jazz?
    Many jazz musicians don't use sheet music, but instead jot down chord symbols for different bars
  10. What does the numeral 'IV' stand for?
    The 4th degree of the diatonic scale

Author: Thomas Daish

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