KS3 Music Quiz
Music and Media 01
Music in a play, tv programme, radio or video game is known as incidental music.

Music and Media 01

In KS3 music you'll look at many different aspects of music. Music is everywhere - in shops, on the television, in films, on radios and in many other places besides. This quiz focuses particularly on music used in the media.

Music is used extensively in the media. In films it is used to add atmosphere - horror films often feature 'spooky' discordant music and 'feel-good' films will have upbeat music. Television programmes use music in a similar way and TV channels may have their own musical 'jingle'. One of the most common uses of music in the media is in advertising. Most commercials feature a song, often a well-known popular piece of music.

A famous quote from John Lennon; "I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity." We can't answer John's query yet as both Christianity and rock 'n' roll are still here - and so is music in the media. Try this quiz to see how much you know about the subject.

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  1. What does the term 'sforzando' relate to?
    Sforzando, which means 'forceful', is abbreviated as sf, sfz or fz
  2. What is another way of describing 'discord'?
    Discordant music lacks harmony
  3. Which of these is a film composer?
    Williams has written music for many films, perhaps most famously, the Star Wars saga
  4. What is the main function of music in film?
    Music provides an additional finer layer of description to a scene: for instance music can be used in film to represent emotion, violence, nature etc.
  5. What is a 'resolution'?
    It's called 'resolution' because it 'resolves' the discordant sound into a harmonic one
  6. What best describes timbre?
    Even if they play the same note at the same pitch and with the same loudness, a piano and a flute still have their own distinct timbre
  7. Music is found in what types of media?
    Any media with sound will use music
  8. What is incidental music?
    Strictly speaking it's a music format used in the context of something not primarily musical. Films tend not to fall in this category and are usually referred to as soundtracks
  9. Which uses music for purposes of commercial gain?
    It's true! If you think about it, all of the above feature common themes which are designed to become both familiar and appealing to the consumer
  10. What is a 'chromatic' movement?
    A chromatic scale includes 12 notes, rather than 7

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