KS3 Music Quiz
Year 9 Revision 01
Read each question carefully before making your choice.

Year 9 Revision 01

So, you've come to the end of KS3 music. I hope you enjoyed it! You've learned so much over the last three years, but do you remember everything you covered in your lessons? If not, don't panic - this revision quiz goes over elements of the KS3 Year 9 syllabus and contains selected material from each of the Year 9 units. You can also go back and test yourself on Year 7 and Year 8 music in two more of our quizzes if you want a more substantial recap.

Hooks, rags and fortes all appear in this Year 9 revision music quiz. It will also test your knowledge of film composers, incidental music, Indian music, concertos and much more besides. Aretha Franklin states, 'I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music.' Well, it's time for some wholesome fun so get rockin' and rollin' with this quiz!

Whether you are still studying Year 9 music or if you've finished the course and just want to revise, this quiz is for you. Take your time and read each question thoroughly. Good luck!

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  1. What does the term 'forte' relate to?
    Forte indicates that the music should be played in a loud and forceful way
  2. What is 'incidental music'?
    Strictly speaking, it's a music format used in the context of something not primarily musical. Films don't tend to fall in this category as they are usually referred to as soundtracks
  3. What is a 'tal'?
    Tal means, literally, 'clap'
  4. A soloist with outstanding ability is called a .......
    Remember, a cadenza isn't a type of soloist, it's what soloists tend to actually play in concertos!
  5. Which of these is NOT a film composer?
    Schumann died in 1856, long before films had been invented
  6. What best describes a concerto?
    The solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra
  7. Which part of an Indian composition is 'asthayi'?
    It is also called Sthayi
  8. What is a 'rag'?
    Strictly speaking, a prescribed selection of melodic material that is the basis for composition and improvisation
  9. What is a 'swar'?
    The seven notes in the Indian musical scale are: Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and Ni
  10. Where is a hook usually found in a pop song?
    It's a musical idea or phrase that is meant to be 'catchy' and defining of the song as a whole

Author: Thomas Daish

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