KS3 RE Quiz
Christianity - A Place of Worship
Churches were originally built facing East.

Christianity - A Place of Worship

In Christianity, churches are places of worship. Christianity is divided into many denominations, each with its own style and place of worship. Test your Religious Education knowledge of a traditional Anglican or parish church by selecting the correct term for each of the following definitions.

  1. The Last Supper is commemorated by drinking from a .......
    A chalice is a shared communion cup
  2. The term 'church' really means .......
    The church is not the building but its congregation
  3. The preacher speaks from the .......
    The pulpit is raised up; everyone can see the speaker
  4. The congregation sits in the .......
    The nave is the central part of the church
  5. Churches were built in .......
    This cross shape is most easily seen from the air
  6. The Last Supper table is represented by the .......
    The altar is also known as the communion table
  7. Baptisms take place at the .......
    The font is found at the entrance to the church to symbolise baptism as the beginning of Christian life
  8. All churches were originally built facing .......
    Churches face east: to the rising sun and Jerusalem
  9. The Bible is read aloud from the .......
    A lectern is a reading desk
  10. The basement of the church is known as the .......
    'Undercroft' is another term for 'crypt'

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